Thanks A Latte Card


I seriously have the best intentions when it comes to thank you cards, but I often fall short when it comes to them actually getting delivered...

Case in point, my son's first birthday party thank you's still sitting on my desk... almost a full year later. 

I've found that 2 main factors will determine whether or not a thank you will ever indeed make it's way into the hands of it's recipient...

1. Duration of time that has passed in-between the event or action you are thanking someone for...
i.e. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to actually send one out!

2. Accessibility to a cute & all purpose thank you card

That's precisely why I made these bad boys...
An all around & all purpose thank you card, that is neither event specific, nor coffee shop specific! 


  • Click here to DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF
  • Print on white or cream cardstock (8.5"x11")
  • Using a paper cutter, cut just inside the dashed lines... Final card size: 4"x6"
  • Attach any coffee shop gift card to the center of the thank you. (You can either use cute washi tape, or just roll some clear scotch tape on the back side of the gift card... A $5 gift card is usually what I go with)
  • Place in a cute envelope (Envelope size A6; I got these paper bag ones from Paper Source)

And boom. Your thank you is done!

Hope you use and enjoy this as much as I do, and thanks so much for tuning into The Wilsons Build!

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Kimberly Wilson