Curious George Party!

It's Party Time!

Ben has recently become obsessed with Curious George, so when his second birthday rolled around, the theme was a no brainer! So, in the event one of your little monkeys request this theme for their big day, here are some photos, ideas, and free downloads!


I love sending out invitations, so this part was definitely the most fun for me! The front is an illustration of a banana (PDF DOWNLOAD HERE) that slides open to reveal the details of the party. I hand cut both the peel and banana invitation, then secured them together using a gold brad. 


Because we had 2 different age groups at the party, we had 2 different goodie bags. The brown bags were for the toddlers and the white bags were for the kids ages 1 and below.


Ages 2+

Ages 1 (and below)

  • Board Book
  • Banana Squeeze Pouch

Here is a free PDF DOWNLOAD of George's face, banana, and thank you tag!


We had the party at a local park and set up some fun stations for the little ones...

Hat Ring Toss

The "hats" are just yellow cones we got on Amazon and the black ring was made from black paracord secured with black electrical tape from Home Deopt.

Photo Station

I also painted a toddler sized Curious George on a piece of cardboard with a hole cut in the face for a makeshift photo station! The parent's loved snapping pics of their little monkeys!

Water Station

Kayla the elephant is a character from one of Ben's favorite Curious George movies, so I figured it would make the perfect backdrop for the water station. I found some cheap water squirters on clearance at Michaels, and filled up some galvanized tins with water. It was like 90 degrees out, so this was a popular station.

Bubble Station

This was another really popular station! I had my crafty husband build a stand for the bubble wands because the kids like to dump out the bubble solution after like 3 seconds of play. The stand worked great and no bubble solution was lost!


I wish I could have snapped a picture of this cute little George in action, but the wind totally blew down our table decorations before the party ended. We had this little George stuffy as the centerpiece of the food table holding up a bundle of balloons!

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