Oh hey!
It's nice to meet you!

My name is Kimberly, my husband's name is Denny, and that cutie in the middle is Bennett; Together we are the Wilsons.

Conventionally, when you meet someone, one of the first questions you either ask, or get asked is, "Where do you work?"
For most, that's a relatively simple answer... Not so much for us.
Unless we have about 20 minutes to chat, I really can't begin to explain what my official job title is in this life... And now, neither can my husband. 

Short answer, we make stuff. Like all kinds of stuff. 
When I'm not writing, creating things, or being a mom, I'm tending to my other work baby The Lettermate...  (You can check it out here:
My husband can best be described as part wood worker, part contractor, and part of whatever crazy path I've steered him on at any given time.

That's actually why we started this website...
Just a home, a small place on the interweb, that we can share with friends, family, and anyone interested, just what it is we do all day ;)

With love,